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The Carecall24 7 service provide a 24-hour monitoring alarm system within the customer’s home, which means help can be called when needed.

How we can support you

  • Carecall24 7 now provides so much more than just the pendant alarm. We can monitor activity in the home, for example make sure that someone has woken up in the morning, visited their fridge or bathroom, boiled a kettle or check the home temperature is right.
  • We can provide a device that will turn a bedside light on when someone steps out of bed to reduce the risk of night time falls and an alert can be raised if they are not back in bed within a pre-arranged timescale.
  • We have falls detecting devices that alert our Control Centre if someone has a fall even if they cannot activate their pendant.
  • We can provide monitoring for someone with Epilepsy to detect a seizure either at night or during the day.
  • We can provide reminder services and Keysafes to enable safe entry by carers/health professionals if the person is unable to get to the door.
  • We can provide GSM monitoring and tracking outside the home so we can locate people who have cognitive issues and may be lost or vulnerable.
  • The new alarms have an ‘I’m OK’ facility so the customer can press a button to say they are fine, but if we don’t hear from them we can call them to check on their wellbeing.
  • We can detect problems in the home such as floods (which could be caused by leaving a tap running), smoke or carbon monoxide.
  • We can tailor any or all of these services to meet a customer’s needs and all of our calls are logged and recorded so we can provide activity reports to you (with the customer’s permission).

Part of Provide CIC

If you are unsure what support you might need from us please get in touch and we will carry out a free assessment and try to source suitable technology to meet the customer’s needs if we don’t currently provide a suitable solution.

Carecall24 7 is part of Provide CIC, a limited company that delivers community health and social care services across Essex, outer north east London and East Anglia. As part of the ever-changing NHS structure it was formed as Provide CIC in 2010 after a long history of delivering NHS services. As a community interest company, any surplus Provide CIC makes, by working more innovatively and effectively, is reinvested into the services and/or the local communities it serves. Provide CIC’s services are commissioned by the NHS and local councils, and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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